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A good strategic plan guarantees to capture market opportunities to boost the growth of your business. That is precisely what Diana Marroquin does - Commercial Engineer, from the Universidad Agropecuaria, marketing strategist and business coach - professional technician in Systems and Programming. From her marketing consultancy Ingenuity Business, she helps entrepreneurs to launch brands in a successful and sustainable way with more than 15 years of experience in marketing, psychology and sales techniques, NLP and Neurolinguistic programming, she wants to contribute towards the development of a sustainable consciousness, using the communication and marketing industry as the main axis of change.


Our greatest reason for being is our client, to whom we will direct our efforts, helping, contributing, empowering, creating businesses in more sustainable ways, because we know that behind every idea there is a need, family, people, and clients who need to benefit; in this way we will contribute to the social, sustainable development of our nation and our planet.


Ingenuity Business will promote more sustainable development practices for our clients, aimed at developing a sustainable conscience, preserving and protecting the planet's natural resources at all costs. We will use ecological marketing, the communication industry and advertising as the main axes of change.

"From the result of our work will be destined and supported for social works to the WAM foundation".

Chicago & Suburbs

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About Us

We are a team of professionals who believe in change, we believe that by doing things differently we will achieve the change that the world needs, from our central idea of helping, contributing, empowering our client, our people...! to carry out more sustainable innovation practices in their businesses, we also believe that, by generating confidence in themselves in their know-how, in wanting to do things well, and with ethics, we will create the necessary impact to develop a more sustainable world.


Tel: (312) 826-6828

Chicago-land & Suburbs

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